“Entrepreneur, author and teacher in the time of chaos.”


Ciao, I am Jacopo Perfetti, I do entrepreneurship, I teach entrepreneurship at one of the top business schools in Europe, I advise entrepreneurs and I have written three books (published in different languages) about entrepreneurship. I am a father of two and husband who loves art, traveling, writing and photography. I sometimes share things I think are worth sharing on my newsletter:
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“I had different opportunities to work with Jacopo. I asked him to help us, PE fund, to review strategic positioning of different asset and executing business dd. I recommend Jacopo for his accuracy and open mind in facing different kind of business.”
- Filippo Gaggini, Managing Director Progressio SGR

“Like all authoritative authors, Jacopo Perfetti renders a complex situation simple and understandable and advises us to view the world from a different perspectives.”
- Gianfilippo Cuneo, Chairman Synergo SGR

“As usual, Jacopo Perfetti, with his Concentric Enterprise concept brings a brilliant intuition to bear in a clear and stimulating explanation of the most interesting phenomena we encounter every day in transformations of business models.”
- Paolo Ainio, Chairman Banzai SpA

“Jacopo Perfetti writes delightful books to read as well as study.”
- Giorgio Invernizzi, Corporate Strategy Bocconi University

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