“Right brain: Marketing & Strategy. Left brain: Culture & Creativity.”


Jacopo Perfetti


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With an MBA right brain focused on strategy and marketing and a BSC left brain focused on culture and creativity, Jacopo Perfetti has launched many entrepreneurial ventures in different fields. He teaches entrepreneurship at SDA Bocconi School of Management (eMBAs and eMBAwe) and he has written three books (published in different languages). Over the last ten years Jacopo has been working as a creative and marketing consultant for many brands including 10eLotto, Adidas, Berlucchi, Branca, Campari, Eni, ilGiocoDelLotto, laRinascente, Moleskine, Nescafé and Unilever Food Solutions. An "artoholic", he has published many art catalogues and developed artistic projects in order to take art to everyone because everyone has the right to experience it. An environmentalist, he co-founded Nido Naturà in 2015 which was the the first vegan nursery in Italy.  


My entrepreneurial attitude

I have an entrepreneurial attitude towards everything I do, be it a new start up or a marketing campaign or an administration issue or a personal initiative. Having an entrepreneurial attitude basically means to solve problems without using the same thinking that created them, to think in every directions, to have fun, to do what we love and do it the best way, to avoid your comfort zone or any blinkered thinking, to take the risk, to turn threats into new opportunities and to identify targets and needs that no one else can see. My entrepreneurial attitude (E.A.) is based on the formula:
Jacopo Perfetti's Entrepreneurial Attitude Formula
Marketing helps me to get the right positioning (where) for the right product (what) and the right customer (who). Strategy helps me to choose the best way to create value and make a profit (how). Culture helps me to kill the status quo before it kills me, to connect the dots and to find new meanings (why). 



“Like all authoritative authors, Jacopo Perfetti renders a complex situation simple and understandable and advises us to view the world from a different perspective.”
- Gianfilippo Cuneo, Chairman Synergo SGR
“As usual, Jacopo Perfetti, with his Concentric Enterprise concept brings a brilliant intuition to bear in a clear and stimulating explanation of the most interesting phenomena we encounter every day in transformations of business models.”
- Paolo Ainio, Chairman Banzai SpA
“I had different opportunities to work with Jacopo. I asked him to help us, PE fund, to review strategic positioning of different asset and executing business dd. I recommend Jacopo for his accuracy and open mind in facing different kind of business.”
- Filippo Gaggini, Managing Director Progressio SGR
“Jacopo Perfetti writes delightful books to read as well as study.”
- Giorgio Invernizzi, Corporate Strategy Bocconi University
“Jacopo Perfetti has written an extremely interesting book not only for its original approach but also for the clarity and simplicity with which his ideas are expounded. Besides encompassing and explaining the phenomenon of what is commonly referred to as the sharing economy, his idea of the “concentric enterprise”, together with its apparent paradoxes (sellers without warehouses, titanic relational networks that do not produce content, gigantic car-hire companies without vehicles) he uses the word “crisis” in its etymological root sense of a “choice” in times gravid with difficulties as much as opportunities.”
- Ivan Scalfarotto, Secretary of State, Ministry of Economic Development
“I worked with Jacopo on different jobs. Business model analysis, Start Ups, Business planning and so on. I had really appreciated his unique and creative approach. He combines a cultural background with strong management knowledges mixed up with an entrepreneurial mindset that allows him to solve problems without using the same thinking that created them.”
- Fabrizio Bisutto, Corporate finance and business restructuring consultant
“Jacopo was one of the brightest students of my MBA. A real talent to synthesize clearly also the more complex concepts. As author has been able to combine in his inspiring books subjects like Management and Marketing with Culture and Arts. I would call a stimulator of creativity and entrepreneurship!”
- Fabio Davì, Senior Project Manager at Building Energy S.p.A.
“There’s something deeply romantic in Jacopo Perfetti’s work. Maybe he will make the sky bloom, maybe not. Certainly he is able to spread on the ground creative fragments in order to enjoy all the emotions of life.”
- Enrica Ronchini, il Gioco del Lotto
“After Redvolution, in 2008, the collaboration between Jacopo Perfetti and Campari went on in time with different projects: art as leitmotiv, and passion as the common ingredient to make all of them unique.”
- Jean Jacques Dubau, Campari


Selected Press

Jacopo Perfetti


That's me on the cover of LaRepubblica, TuttoMilano. It was 2006, I was 24, and I was running my own club (S'agapò) in Milan, Italy. After that experience I quit my night life but I lauched many entrepreneurial, marketing and cultural initiatives drawing media's attention. Over the last ten years, my works or interviews have been pubblished on magazines such as ilSole24Ore, CorriereDellaSera, Repubblica, ilTempo, ilGiornale, EconomyUp, MarieClaire, VanityFair, and many others.